MINICABS in Greenford have 80 percent clients that use our account system and pay the journey by the account access on weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. Whether the client is official or local we provide them the account payment service with online invoices and payment receipts. We have the latest system to book a minicabs with card and online payment options to provide you the fantastic booking and amazing minicabs transportation.

Easy to pay

MINICABS in Greenford have online booking and card payment systems where you can reserve the mini cab or your minicabs on time. Just by following few easy steps, you can pay with your debit, credit or visa card. Simple get registered by discussing or putting all of the information on our online booking system.

Easy to use

You can simply book on email, on Mobile app or by phone call. We will take the required information while having discussion about your journey. Then our talented personnel will quote the affordable rate for the journey and in less than 10 minutes a professional chaffer will be at your door. Payment can be made within 30 days as agreed on your account terms.

Easy to Deal

Your account will be safe with us and on every journey, we will send the mail regarding the booking and journey. We can tell you about the trip and journey spending and can provide you the receipts of the journey.

Relax Business Transfers

Our business client can get the transportation by using our minicabs and minicab service. We provide the personal account where you can pay with card and when you want. MINICABS in Greenford provide the best meet and greet service to the corresponding client so that you have the best impression to your client.

To have the account application click here to download an application form or mail us we will suggest you the best scheme we have. Contact us for more details right now.